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Testimonials for Macho Movers

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When my boyfriend and I decided to move from our 5 BR/3-1/2 BA 2 story monstrosity (4,000 sf) into a single story home just up the street, we wanted movers who could handle going up and down those stairs with big pieces of furniture.   


A friend in the office referred me to Macho Movers because they had just helped her move and she was super pleased!  I called Michael and he set up the move with me, quickly, efficiently, and with a lot of humor.   


What I failed to tell him was that Mike and I had moved in together the year before and still had all of his furniture in our garage from selling his house recently.  So, it was like moving TWO homes that day, completely unbeknownst to Michael and his crew!   


But, once they saw what they were dealing with, they just handled it with aplomb, laughing and cutting up with each other and with Mike, myself and my 3 boys, but always maintaining their dedication to the job at hand.  Even when they realized that they had to move our large pieces of furniture through a single door, with a glass screen, no less, that still didn't faze them.   


Michael's crew had to spend many more hours moving us than they initially intended, but they got it done, and charged us a very fair price considering the amount of work it took.  I would refer anyone to use Macho Movers and, ironically, I just did today!   LOL  




Michelle Palladino  



WOW!  Trying to find the right words - Michael,

You and your team are more than outstanding!  You are, very simply, the best!  Moving my 2 bdrm, 2 bath apt to a different one on a 2nd floor in 3 hours flat!  AND, your charge was less than HALF of the last two times I hired 2 Men and A Truck!  AND, your team treated every item as if it were fragile.  You all sported fun attitudes and pampered me as if I were a very special person.  I stressed over this move for weeks beforehand, and a week before I was going to call the same old movers who took 12 hours plus in moving me, a friend referred me to you.  I will be grateful to my dying day to her for the referral!  Never again will I hire anyone else.  I am sincerely honest when I say that I have NEVER (and I've moved more times than I care to remember in my long life) had a better experience moving!!!  I received a call a few hours after you left, from someone asking how my move went.  I told them in no uncertain terms that you are the best in so many ways, and she damn well better hire you!!!!!!!!!!  I could go on and on, but your readers should get my drift. 

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!! 

Ms Terry Hiley 


Hi Michael,  


Well, once again you have been a blessing to know.  You had such a hard job again from what I hear. Yet you accomplished it with tact, patience and outright kindness along with brut muscle.  I thank you for your assistance in getting my huge refrigerator up and running for me.  Why such big items?  I do not know.... maybe Frank is testing your skills...


I value our friendship and thank you so very much for your time, and for handling my new purchase with care. 


You know your job; you know how to move items and most of all you will always be recommended by me.  You deserve all the kudos any company can expect from clients. 


Wishing you continued success... Macho Movers are #1! 


Sabrina Balthazor 

Winter Park, FL 


Hi Mike,  

OMG! BEST. MOVE. EVER. I have moved many times and this was the smoothest, fastest and easiest move as well as the most fun I have ever had moving. Thank you so much for all your hard work and the care that you took with my furniture and belongings. I will be calling you for the next move.  I posted about the successful move on facebook and immediately got two people asking for your number so you may be getting some calls saying that heard about you from the crazy lady who shrinkwraps her furniture!  

Thanks again! 



I have known Michael for many years and have used Macho Movers for some very difficult moves.  This man is honest and works harder than anyone I have every known.   I highly recommend his company and welcome you to contact me for additional references in regards to his business.  

  Shana Z. Spak, Sierra ITS
Senior Business Development Specialist
Phone: 847-692-0607

Cell: 773-552-0990
Fax: 847-655-2775

Sierra ITS


Hello Mike….


This is Nickole and Tara…. I’m not sure if you remember us…. But you moved us about four years ago…. and you moved me numerous times before that…. Anyway I hope you are doing well…. By the way I love the website!!!! You also moved our neighbors the Fox family about a year and half ago…. Well their parents are moving and looking for a great mover and of course I always recommend you!!!! Thanks again and I will always keep recommending you to family and Friends!!!!


Best wishes


Warm Regards,


FatCatz Photography 



Macho Movers was highly recommended to me by two separate friends that have used them in the past. They were well organized and handled everything with care. Michael helped to ease any of my worries during the move and even fit all of my items into the storage unit that I thought was too small. I was very pleased and I am sure I will use them again when it comes time to move my things out of storage. Thanks!!       


Kelly M.

Project Engineer

Health & Safety Officer

The Nassal Company


We’ve known Michael for many years and he has moved us several times. Our last move was long distance from Connecticut to Tampa with a several week gap between home closings. To say he helped ease a stressful situation is an understatement. Michael handled the move to FL, the storage of our belongings and delivery/set up at our new home smoothly & efficiently. As a Realtor, Beth confidently recommends Macho Movers to all of her clients, as doing so has always reflected well on her. It is our pleasure to recommend Michael and Macho Movers to anyone looking to make the stress of moving as stress-free as possible. Thank you!


Joe & Beth B. - Tampa,FL  


I have used Macho Movers on two occasions.
They arrived on time, and were extremely courteous.
All of my household furnishings were moved with absolutely NO damage.
They treat you just like you are family.
Should I or anyone I know need the services of a professional mover I will absolutely recommend Macho Movers.   

Marco V . . . . . Lake Mary, Florida    

"I've used Macho Movers several times to move furniture and appliances to my vacation condos in Sun City, Florida. I found that they were very professional, unlike others I have used in the past. In fact, I am so impressed by their professionalism and trustworthiness, I don't even go with them anymore. I just give them a key, the address where to pick up my items and the address of which condo I need them delivered to. I know that they will take care of everything for me. The peace of mind is well worth the cost of the service!!"

Linda B...Lake Mary, Florida  



“I was out of the country when our home sold in Florida and couldn’t get back to help with the move. I called Michael at Macho Movers and he was over to the house the next day to assess the situation. Michael calmed down my extremely stressed out wife immediately. He told her not to worry any longer and assured her that everything would be taken care of. The move went without a hitch and now I look like a hero to my wife . . . . . .  thanks to Macho Movers!!” 

Doug W. . . . . .Estevan, SK 






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